Listing Details Form

Below is the list of information needed to get your projected listed. Please DM a team member or post in the #listing-requests channel of our Discord in order to provide your information.
  • Is the token ERC721 or ERC1155? (Yes/No)
  • Does it extend IERC721Enumerable / IERC1155Supply respectively?
  • Cover image (500x500):
  • Banner Image (optional, 1500 x500):
  • Chain (Moonriver/Moonbeam/Arbitrum Nova):
  • Collection Name:
  • Contract Address:
  • Team Name:
  • Collection Owner Wallet:

  • Collection Royalty Fees (0-10%):
  • Collection Page Subtitle:
  • Collection Page Tagline:
  • Description Header (1 sentence, optional):
  • Description (~1 paragraph):

  • Mint Starting Timestamp:
  • Mint Cost:
  • Max Supply:
  • Do Tokens start at 1 or 0?
  • Would you like to enable our minting UI? (Negotiable Fee): (Yes/No)
  • Any other intricacies/customizations we should know about?
  • Asset Rarity information (if this needs to be shown/calculated):
  • Website (required):
  • Twitter (optional):
  • Telegram (optional):
  • Discord (optional):
Note: MoonBeans reserves the right to delist a project at anytime, especially if any legal issues arise. We will give you a heads up if this situation occurs.
Not sure what some of these labels mean? See the provided image for a clearer description.
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