Farming Beans
Farms incentivize users to provide liquidity for trading pairs by distributing MoonBeans to LP token holders.

Tax Free Liquidity Pooling

Kafe Finance ($KAFE) and BeamSwap ($GLINT) have made Zappers that allows users to literally zap between LP and tokens. Using this Zapper will allow you to avoid the normal 5% tax found on transactions with MoonBeans - plus it helps out our friends! Feel free to put them to use.
β˜• Moonkafe Finance - A next evolution DeFi Farm on Moonriver
Zap between BEANS and LP on MoonRiver with just one click - no taxes!
Beamswap App
Beamswap App
Zap into BEANS/GLMR LP on MoonBeam - with no taxes!

Farm List

Trading Pair
BEANS-DRAGON (deprecated)
​Dragon (FreeRiver)​
BEANS-MOVR (deprecated)
This will be updated as time goes on and more farms are added. Each of these farms can also be automatically autocompounded over at Kafe Finance or BeamSwap respectively.
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Tax Free Liquidity Pooling
Farm List