BabyBeans Tokenomics
Lil' baby bean boiz. (DEPRECATED). See MoonSeeds instead!

How does BabyBeans differ from MoonBeans?

Note: BabyBeans have been deprecated in favor of => MoonSeeds Tokenomics​
BabyBeans are the canary version of MoonBeans. They get the all of the new contract updates first so as to prevent something catastrophic from happening to MoonBeans. Does this mean BabyBeans are bad? Heck no, they can just a little more fussy at times.

Transaction Tax

There is a 10% tax on every transaction of BabyBeans ($BBMS). We recommend using 12% slippage on buys and sells.
This tax is what makes these beans so special and gives them the power to reward holders with passive earnings.

The Breakdown

Rewards (aROME)
Liquidity Injection
Total Tax


6% of every transaction is reflected back to all BabyBeans holders with at least 50 tokens.

Liquidity Injection

4% of every transaction is used to provide liquidity for BabyBeans.

MoonBeans BuyBack (outdated)

2% of every transaction was planned to buy back MoonBeans. However, the gas required to make an internal and automatic MoonBeans buy proved to require too much gas for the network to handle appropriately. Instead, this 2% was dropped and liquidity injection was raised to 4%.

Supply Allocation

BabyBeans have a fixed supply, and can never be minted.
Max Supply
Circulating Supply