MoonBeans ($BEANS): Organic, extraterrestrially sourced, alien cruelty-free.
The tastiest ecosystem in all of Dotsama!
The MoonBeans NFT platform, MoonBeans Galactic Trading Co., provides the highest marketplace rewards currently available on the market. Currently live on MoonRiver & Moonbeam, and coming to Arbitrum Nova soon! MoonBeans ($BEANS) is the first token on the MoonRiver and MoonBeam Networks to reward you just for holding your $BEANS - and they can vote via our DAO.
Beanies are special NFTs that allow you to claim a portion of marketplace fees as rewards, just for holding.
Together, these three pieces make up the Moonbeans Platform. Our protocol allows for:
Marketplace Rewards: rewards from ecosystem trading volume are shared among users, whether they're holding BEANS, SEEDS, or BEANIES.
Community DAO: the protocol allows for smart contract decisions to be made by the $BEANS community by virtue of utilizing a fully functional DAO.
Customized Storefronts: we support customized experiences for NFT projects with special needs - whether that be custom storefronts, item pages, or more!
Multichain Expansion: Currently live on Moonriver, Moonbeam, and coming soon to Arbitrum Nova!
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